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Type:Twins peaks wind dust net

Surface treatment:Electostatic powder coating.




Steel plate, galvanized plate, color coated sheet, stainless steel plate.



1.Ultraviolet-resistance(ageing resistance)
The surface of the product after power printed process,can absorb ultraviolet rays in sunlight and reduce the
material itself speed,make the product oxidation has better prevent ageing performance,service life is improving.At the same time through the low degree of ultraviolet sunlight from material to avoid the damage.

Because is metal plates so have very good flame resistance,all can satisfy the fire and safety production

3.Impact resisting
Products of high strength,can withstand the hail(wids)impact.The impact strength test detection,in lantau is land,
with the quality of the sample for the ball,is apart from the peaks 1kg vertex 1.5meters height falling freely,without
fracture and product throughout.

Product suface through electrostatic pvc printed processing,under the light of the sun,can put adherent to the
product surface of organic dirt oxidative decomposition,in addition,its ultra hydrophilic dust easily be rained,have
since clean effect and no maintenance costs.